Releasing a Mac Catalyst App on Day 1: Dreams vs Reality

MoneyCoach ported their iPad app to the Mac by using Catalyst. MoneyCoach is an award winning financial empowerment app that is available on all Apple products (excluding tvOS).With Catalyst, the team managed to ship a Mac app in a short period of time, making users happy and learning a lot about the principles that guide great app design on the Mac.

Our goal is to make a Catalyst app indistinguishable from an AppKit app. Unfortunately our dreams are bigger than the reality that Catalyst provides.

Learn the key points of this technology with real world examples, used in production. Coming from a UIKit-first mentality to the macOS platform brings challenges of their own. We will show you how MoneyCoach overcame these problems, rethought interactions and fought tirelessly with bugs (that are still lurking in the dark corners of the Feedback Assistant).


* Basic knowledge of UIKit and Swift is required.
* A good pinch of AppKit won't hurt.


* Learn how to port a large app and make it feel at home on a Mac.
* Learn about the tips and tricks of Catalyst, the things that the documentation is missing and what it really takes to deliver a great app on the Mac.




Perjan Duro
Perjan Duro develops iOS apps that are used by millions of people and is the brain behind MoneyCoach. He founded MoneyCoach a couple of years ago to solve his challenging financial situation. Now he is leading the MoneyCoach team acting as a product architect. Perjan & the MoneyCoach team are also consulting financial institutions on adopting the latest technologies and how to deliver a remarkable user experience.






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