Concurrency in iOS

This talk is about threading, concurrency and ways to approach it in iOS. Firstly I talk about concurrency theory, problems concurrency solves (and brings) and typical use cases and solutions. Then I explain the principles of Grand Central Dispatch followed by Operation Queues. Both of these topics are explained from basic to more advanced uses and are accompanied with live coding.


They should have at least basic knowledge of iOS development.


This is a deep dive to concurrency in iOS. The goal of this talk is to give attendees a solid understanding of how concurrency works and the tools we can use to achieve it with the main focus on Grand Central Dispatch.




Jan Kaltoun
Jan Kaltoun is an iOS platform lead at STRV, currently based in Prague. He's been developing iOS apps since the first version of Swift came out back in 2014. Apart from traditional iOS development his focus is on Swift language as a whole, ARKit, macOS development and Swift on backend. Before working with iOS he used to be a web developer and integrator of large-scale mobile payment solutions.






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